Hair – Three Weeks Into Chemo

Well… I think it’s starting to happen. I could just be imagining it, but,I don’t think so. Was super tired this morning,and had the worse headache so far.

I slept longer, had a quieter day with friends, but tonight, after dinner, my scalp started tingling and as I ran my fingers through my hair, I could feel some strands coming out. Oh well, it is what it is, I am not super freaked but, i really had rather hoped and prayed to avoid this particular side effect. Later on, it is more definite, it is happening, ugh.

Tomorrow is 3 weeks out from Chemo and Dr. Ram told me it might happen around this time. My DH’s ideal response was “I will love you no matter what”; he makes life so much easier. Besides Jesus,Douglas is my rock.